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Who’s the culprit?

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I regularly keep myelf updated on what’s happening in India and Bangladesh. Today, I come to know about a strange reporting in the newspapers. The same incident has been reported differently in Indian and Bangladesi newspapers. And yes, it’s another incident of border tension between India and Bangladesh. After reading both the reports, I was stunned and thought these must be reports of two different incidents. But, soon, I was convinced from the mentioned time, area and point of interests of the clash that it was the same incident.

Bangladesi Report
Let me get into the details of the reports now. Bangladesi newspaper The News Today reported that – “Indian miscreants attack BDR men, loot 3 magazines“. The report says that

police and eyewitnesses as saying that over 1,000 armed Indian nationals backed by BSF soldiers of Zikatola camp started illegal construction of a road along the zero line opposite to Kuchlibari outpost … Commander of Kuchlibari outpost of BDR went to the zero line immediately and requested the Indians and BSF personnel to stop such illegal construction work as per the Indo-Bangladesh Joint Border Guide Line of 1975 … Commander of Nabinagar Company Headquarters of BDR went to the spot and asked the Indians and his BSF counterparts not to violate border rules and stop such illegal activities within 150 yards off the zero line … But the Indians rushed 400 yards inside Bangladesh territory under BSF coverage, gheraoed 11 patrolling BDR members and started beating them. BDR opened one round blank fire in self- defence and to disperse them. One Indian criminal was killed 300 yards inside Bangladesh territory … Two BDR men and four villagers sustained serious injuries. Three SMG magazines and 90 bullets were also looted from the injured BDR men by the attackers.”

Indian Report
Now, let me quickly take a look at what Indian major dailies are saying. The Times of India has reported it in relatively less importance – but with a view opposite to what the Bangladesi newspaper said. The report “BDR Men cross over, kills 3says it’s BDR who came inside Indian territory and attacked Indian labourers. A more details can be found in The Telegraph, Kolkata. It says

At least three people were killed and several injured when Bangladesh Rifles personnel opened fire on unarmed villagers repairing a road near the border in a Cooch Behar village this afternoon. … The arrival of a large contingent of the Border Security Force at Jamaldahabalapukuri — around 70 km from Cooch Behar town — two hours later did little to diffuse the simmering tension that has gripped the border hamlet in the Mekhliganj police station area. … Police said most residents have fled the area for fear of the BDR. …. Dhirendranath Roy, one of the men accompanying the injured to Jalpaiguri, said about 100 men were levelling a kutcha road along the border under the Sampurna Grameen Rozgar Yojna. … The work was being supervised by the Kuchlibari village panchayat (see map). Suddenly, the BDR asked the men to stop work. That was in the morning. The Bangladesh force had talks with the BSF and the work resumed again. … But in the afternoon, there was a change in shift and the new group of BDR personnel entered into an altercation with the workers. They beat them up with lathis and then suddenly started firing, they fired on unarmed people.”

Further, it reports :

“S.S. Sandhu, an additional deputy inspector-general of the BSF, said from Siliguri the border force has registered its protest against the unprovoked firing.“We have already held a flag meeting with the BDR at the spot and deployed jawans so that the BDR does not cause any more problems for the villagers. Our men from Jhikabari reached the spot soon after the incident,” Sandhu said.The BSF officer said one person had died on the spot and the other is in hospital.Jalpaiguri MP Minati Sen visited the injured in the hospital, where she met the shocked wife and son of Mohammad Manglu. “Parliament is no longer in session, so I will write to the Union home minister about the heinous crime committed by the BDR,” Sen said.”

So the difference between the reports is very easy to identify. Also it is obvious that they are talking about the same incident, started off a allegedly illegal construction work near Bangladesh border.

Analysis of the reports and falacies
Let me try to dig deep into the incident. The claim from Bangladesi side is that the firing has been provoked by labourers(safe to assume, this is true from Indian side), who came inside Bangladesi territory and beaten them. These men were backed by BSF as well. The claim from Indian side is BDR came inside Indian territory and fired indiscriminately. Also, the BSF was not at all present there.

Sherlock Holmes would have loved to merge these two reports to extract the truth. Anyway, let me put a few of my words and try to understand where exactly the falacies are.

1) The News Today report says thousands of armed Indians started construction. The question is – what is the definition of ‘armed’ – is a labourer with ‘lathi’s, ‘shabol’s and ‘kodal’s can be called ‘armed’? The report did not mention what kind of ‘arm’ they had.
2) It is highly unlikely that BSF were involved in this incident. Had it been the case, I guess there would have been casualties in the Bangladesh side from their firing – from past reports I can conclude that.
3) It is not at all possible that there were no physical and verbal provocation from the labourers before BDR started firing.
4) Indiscriminate firing from close range, after getting gheraoed, standing among a crowd of 400+ would result in 10+ deads and 20+ injuries. Hence, it is unacceptable.

My Guess
The actual fact might be something like this (my imagination):
1) Road construction started in the morning, BDR objected verbally.
2) Labourerers shouted and provoked them, verbal altercation starts by noon.
3) To disperse the adament labourers – BDR fires by afternoon, might be it injured some. Till nobody has crossed the border.
4) Now the labourers started chasing the BDR personnel. Mob crosses the border. To stop them, BDR fires in the air, and then at the mob. Some labourers dies. Before backing off, BDR leaves some ammunitions behind, that are looted by the mob.
5) A couple of BDR personnel are injured by the stones thrown by the mob. However, they are successful to disperse the mob. Ultimately, mob backed off along with the injured.

To the people who always thinks in religious lines, let me add the information that all the labourers died in Indian side are muslims.

The question left out of the controversy was : was it an illegal construction? Let me turn to Indira-Mujib Defence Agreement, 1975. It mentions that defence constructions are not allowed within 150 yards of the zero-line. Now, what’s a “Defence Construction”? A road? Well, opinions vary from people to people. A road is a civil infrastructure, which can be used in a defence purpose. By the way, I think, maximum of the infrastructure can be used in dual purpose. Till there is a strict definition of what exactly is a defence construction, these incidents will take place. The ambiguity in the definition brings altercation – that leads to firing. So, working and living in the borders will become more and more risky. PMs comes and visits countries. But, in last 10 years, there are no efforts from either side to list up what exactly is a ‘defence construction’. They seldom discuss problems of people, but they discuss politics. It is proved once more, at the cost of a few lives.

A third story by Anandabazar Patrika.


Written by Diganta

March 29, 2006 at 9:18 am

Posted in Bangladesh, India

8 Responses

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  1. Interesting analogy. Yeah you are right, the truth are not being told.

    What I have read about the 150 yrds issue in Bangladeshi paper media is that Bangladesh is trying to stick to this 150 yrds no man zone. But in many cases these are not manitained by Indians. And the border does not look always like the Berlin wall seperator. There are invisible lines with agricultural fields, roads and other infrastructures. I have seen one such border. Only pillars after 100 metres denote that there are two separate countries here. But one can easily step into the other country without noticing the not straight borderline. Bangladesh is objecting that infrastructures like the birbed wire fence erected by BSF are within 150 yrds in some places.

    Now let us assume that your analogy of what happened is correct and BDR shot the intruders within Bangladesh territory, well inside the 150 yrds no man zone. And does BSF have any voice? As they have implemented a strategy of shoot to kill every Bangladeshi who comes within the 150 yrds inside Indian border or go further inside. I guess it was an eye for an eye strategy which sounds very primitive.

    Ironical is that the BDR people cross-over story by BSF. Well thats a war situation! If thats true that means BSF is not competent enough to protect India from foreign invasion. I don’t believe the BDR are authorized to cross over, if done unnoticingly – would face prosecution. I think the BDR will not dare to cross-over to face the might of BSF and the consequences it would follow. If the cross-over is true, where are the formal complaints to Bangladesh govt.? Is India that much thickskinned? I think not.

    Bangladesh govt. is not welcoming the birbed wire fence. But I think it may deter many such incidents and save many lives. Was there any action taken for the 500 odd Bangladeshis killed by BSF and some (I don’t have the figure) Indians killed by BDR. Was there any prosecution? Is human life that cheap. If nobody cares, I think both the governments will have to answer that to GOD. They are both guilty as charged.


    March 29, 2006 at 12:04 pm

  2. Very good follow up by Rezwan. I agree to you completely that BDR did never cam to Indian land and opened fire. Had it been the case, the casualties would have been much more, as I mentioned. What happened was nothing but firing from distance.

    Now, No-man’s land does not mean nobody can stand there. Hili Railway station is on the zero line of India Bangladesh border (in fact the rail-line is the border). BSF does not kill people in the station. There are lot of villages at both sides of the border that are within 150 yards. So, staying inside 150 yards is not a problem, problem is what we call ‘defence constructions’.

    The bottomline is : the bloodbath has to stop. I don’t understand the problem if India pays for a fence at zero-line. It will at least save some people.


    March 29, 2006 at 12:33 pm

    “Sources at the BDR headquarters said the Bangladesh side also pointed out that Indo-Bangladesh Boundary Accord, 1974, commonly known as Mujib-Indira treaty, said no country would carry out any defence measure within 150 yards of the zero point.” – This is what Mujib-Indira
    defence treaty. It’s not No-mans’ land, it’s no defence land only.


    March 29, 2006 at 12:44 pm

  4. “I don’t understand the problem if India pays for a fence at zero-line.”

    – Your statement is contradictory to the Mujib-Indira accord. If India sees the need to build the fence inside the 150 yrds she needs to convince Bangladesh and make another accord before going for constructions. I hope you understand why Bangladesh protests India’s unilateral decisions and name it dadagiri. As far as I know Bangladesh does not have anything to say if the fence is clear of 150 yrds.


    March 29, 2006 at 10:41 pm

  5. Here one point from me on the above. The point is, India never ratified in it’s parliament the Indira-Mujib treaty. It requires constitutional amendment. Bangladesh has done it, but India hasn’t. From Indian point of view, there’s no treaty. Hence, the dadagiri is not there.The treaty is toothless. We need to renegotiate the whole border deal, along with what are the exact installations which can’t take place in the border. In Pakistan border India already has zero-line fencing.


    March 30, 2006 at 3:28 am

  6. We need to renegotiate the whole border deal

    Khaleda and MS should have facilitated it during this meet. There is no point in lingering – it only can negatively effect bi-lateral relations. However if it is intended to remain as unresolved like Talpatti and many other enclaves issues. I don’t understand politics sometimes.


    March 30, 2006 at 4:35 pm

  7. Well-said rezwan, I think politicians themselves also sometimes fail to understand what they should be doing.


    April 5, 2006 at 7:09 am

  8. I fail to understand what’s Bangladesh’s problem is If India constructs a fence in its own land. Illegal migration by Bangladeshis is a huge problem in India so India has to built it.


    May 17, 2006 at 10:39 pm

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