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West Bengal
Infy at Rajarhat and Tata at Kharagpur (Bengali):Tata’s coveted 1 lakh rupees car will be produced at Kharagpur. It’ll become a major employment generator if the project succeeds. At the same time, Infy is opening up in Kolkata.
CapGemini at Kolkata(Bengali)

Indian Growth Story
World Bank Concerned Over India’s Economic Growth at YaleGlobal : The article by Priya Basu talks about the disparities as the outcome of India’s globalization story.
Tech development from the heart of rural India at Hindustan Times : Knowledge-based growth in Agricultural sector.
Where India’s Brave New World is headed at Daily Times : Disparities once more.

Nuke Deal
Congress, NSG question deal
American CEOs throw in weight behind US-India nuke deal

A New Challenge for Bangladesh at YaleGlobal : The article by Sumit Ganguly talks a lot about Bangladesh but missed the focus on Bangladesh’ natural secular practices, which is the way out of the problem. It also does not mention the Saudis to be the exporters of terrorism to Bangladesh by covertly funding the extremists. On the whole the article is inconclusive and lacks depth.
Trade deficit with Malayasia at The Daily Star : Bangladesh has politicised the issue of Trade deficit with India while the deficit with others is also soaring up.
Bangladesh firm plans to export version of Tamiflu at Reuters : Bangladesh to export Tamiflu which can curb the pandemic Bird flu.
This artist wants to paint a new Bangladesh at Hindustan Times : Bangladeshi artist Kanakchanpa Chakma, whose painting won the best prize at an exhibition in the US, says she wants to show to the world the rich cultural heritage of the country known more for its poverty and underdevelopment.

Now US to join SAARC?

Excellent Bengali Article on Anandabazar on Convertibility of Rupee : This article analyses gains and losses out of Indian aim at full convertibility of Rupees.
Three years of success of Indian equity market : India does a hat-trick. Returns from Indian equities are once again the highest across emerging Asia for fiscal year ’06 (April ’05-Mar ’06). At a 74% return, India is far ahead of the next best, which is the 41% return offered by the Korean equity market.
Global cotton prices robust, limited benefit to India


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April 5, 2006 at 7:11 am

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  1. On the trade deficit issue,

    If you have an economy which is mostly import dependent, trade deficit is the likely outcome.

    After the failure at WTO which restricted Bangladesh to 97.5% access leaving out RM Garments, which constitutes of 70% of export, the trade & commerce minister said that we can now also export Aeroplanes.

    aHe did not think that that was a stupid remark because Bangladesh does not even have a car manufacturing plant and dependent on other nations. And surprisingly the govt is not keen to develop a plant because that might rue some of the MPS business who have car import agencies in Bangladesh. And the opposition and other political parties let alone common citizens never raise this issue. What can you expect?


    April 6, 2006 at 10:15 am

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