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Dawkins has come up with a couple of more presentations – a DVD that teaches the children how the world is ‘designed’, and the other, a book review of “The Edge of Evolution : The search for the Limits of Darwinism“.

The DVD is been reviewed by a few enthusiasts and they wrote the same words those I would have been written. I watched the entire series in youtube and concluded that it is the best possible way to teach a children about how the diversity of the animal kingdom.

In the Book review, Dawkins exposed the two-way stand that Behe has taken in his book “The Edge of Evolution”. Behe tried to split the Darwinian Evolution into three parts – descent with modification, natural selection and mutation. While he accepted the first two as facts, the last part is where God has to step in. That is what he calls an edge. Behe, formerly known for his silly arguments of irreducible complexity in his earlier book “Darwin’s Black Box”, has once more gone for God of the gaps argument, as he perceives there are no acceptable explanations to random mutations.

Dawkins, in his short review, exposed the myth of random mutations being God-crafted. He examplified with dogs, a single species living on the Earth as various different forms since they have accumulated small changes due to mutations and natural selections. The wolf, the St Bernard or the Pekinese dogs are from the same species. Dawkins says, not only the dogs, cabbages and the pigeons would be impossible to exist, the entire set of Mathematical Genetics would become wrong. With a tone of humor,in conclusion, he asked Behe to submit it as a paper for publication in the Journal of Theoritical Biology, where it would be sent for peer-review. Bypassing the process itself exposes the weakness of the theory that Behe proposes.

The review was another piece of a gem from Dawkins and I suggest anybody who’s doubtful about mutations should go through it.


Written by Diganta

July 2, 2007 at 5:36 am

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