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Dawkins’ interview on The God Delusion

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I am charmed once more by the latest interview by Richard Dawkins in promoting his book “The God Delusion”. He answered all three central points of the book. Here’s the abridged version of the same.

I think it’s an very important and interesting question since majority people believe in God though different in different parts of the world. I think it is a mistake. Historically it havs been very important to people. I expressied in the book that there is no supreme being and belief in such a being can under some circumstances become a bad thing.

One of the central points I make in the book is that the existence of God is a scientific question because there are people who says that there are nothing to do with science. I think it’s a scientific question because a Universe without a God is an entirely different kind of Universe that is without God. Universe without a God essentially starts from nothing and builds up to the sort of complexity at least we see at this planet by gradual degrees which we can understand reasonably well. The alternative view that there’s a God who designed the Universe is shatteringly different. Because, in that view a complexity, an intelligence or a design was there right from the beginning. The atheistic view is that the design, complexity or intelligence come late in the Universe as a consequence of slow and gradual process.

It is a preposterous suggestion that we need religion to become moral. If you think in that way you will see that there are two ways in which religion can feed into morality. One way is the holy books could tell us what to do. I believe anybody who’s read religious books will not say that because if we follow them to each and every line then we would simply start in a different moral standards from now on. The other way is that we are moral because we are frightened of God. We are moral because we want to go to heaven, we want to please God and we want to avoid going to hell. And that again is a pretty ignoble reason for being good. If I am good despite the fact that I don’t believe in God then isn’t that a more noble reason for being good than somebody who’s good only because he’s afraid of being punished by God.


Written by Diganta

February 14, 2008 at 11:24 am

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