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To Seattle – Days before

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To start with I must rewind the story by a couple of Months. I was still confused with the offer and was waiting to just somehow decide whether to leave the country. I had good options in India, and the offer from Microsoft Redmond office (The Headquarters). I decided to go ahead with the latter since I had a lot of hope with this country – United States. I believed this country can get rid of the citizenship issue my wife faces – as she’s a Bangladeshi working in India. So I decided, one of the many choices a man makes in his entire life to determine the future course of life, to move on to USA. Well, don’t ask me at this point whether it’s a good decision or not.

The process started when we filled up the visa forms and then queued up at US Embassy, almost a month back. There were virtually no questions asked at the counter and everything went on smoothly. The hotel we booked was not that good at all, compared to the rate it was charging. All other experience were smooth enough in Delhi – from buying tickets directly at the Airport counter to Sarojini Market shopping. The market is cheap, but the quality is yet to get tested. It often appears as a better maintained version of Bongobazar in Dhaka and a worse counterpart of fake markets in Shanghai.

The next part was packing. And I remembered the story of ‘Packing’ I read in 12th grade textbook. I disagree with Jerome K Jerome, it’s even tough to sit back your luggage being packed by someone else. I had two clusters of packing – a set to USA – sponsored by my employer, and the other was towards my home in Kolkata. The former team worked well and took everything even without asking. By the way, my company allows me to ship in a 40ft container but my luggage did not even take 20ft. They took my bed, bean bags and my deck chair. The other party took my TV, fridge and other Electronic appliances. It’s foolish to take Electronic appliances to US, since they cost the same. Oh! Yes !! I forgot to tell you. I was able to sell my cots and sofa at a reasonable price thanks to Microsoft’s internal groups. I think it was a win-win deal where I released my unnecessary things and someone else started off their family.

Next, it was a hectic schedule in Kolkata. Everything didn’t go well in Kolkata since I was not able to meet my relatives and friends. It was a run behind my flat at VIP road, that closed in the last hour of my arrival at the airport.

It was a Jet Airways flight to Mumbai, wherefrom I was scheduled to take the flight to Seattle, via Amsterdam. Once the aeroplane closed its gate, I knew I was out of the nation for long.


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March 7, 2008 at 6:53 pm

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