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It’s the time for Connectiva Systems

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Reaction to – Connectiva to double India R&D investments

I can still remember my first day in the company. I went into a Saltlake apartment, which was the makeshift office of Connectiva Systems. We basically had a two storeyed building. We used to have the lunch at the kitchen and sit with the computers in the bedrooms. One can easily think of a three or four bed apartment that was transformed to a company. We used to have some meetings on the open balcony of the second floor.

Then we moved to a more professional workplace, that too on top of a bar cum restaurant. But it had a professional look and was located near the IT hub of Kolkata. We had a room to play TT, which we used to play at least once a day. We had another sister company along with us, sitting in the same floor.

Nobody was sure on which area we work on. Nobody really knew which was our first official project and none were really sure of how we got it. But the matter of fact was, the hard work for first couple of years were starting to pay off. We stopped thinking about whether VCs were going to fund us. And a new zeal was introduced with a few companies partnering our company. Then I left. I can remember I was the 12th senior most in the company and we had hardly 25 employees.

I am sure that leaving Connectiva did work out well for me. I have come out of what we call a protected environment, and jumped into a world where not only I have to impress people, but also to politicize almost each issue to extract maximum benefit out of it. The lesson was important. Still I am learning to get tough and matured.

But, the company didn’t stop there. The revenue assurance was a virgin area where we had settled just before I left the company. They flourished out of that. They managed projects in Middle East and in India. They got award for being best in the vertical. They continued the amazing growth story.

The positives those brought Connectiva to such a height were a few aspects every strategist should think about. We started with platform oriented architecture, which was at the same time better suited for the Telecom Companies. Telecom is a big industry and it has multiple verticals of technology. It has little or no standardization across the verticals. If Nortel switch solves a problem in a particular way, the other vendor will do it in another. So, for years the managers of Telecom sector were sandwiched by multiple verticals of technology. Connectiva came up with a platform to relieve them of that pressure.

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Written by Diganta

June 18, 2008 at 8:21 am

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