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Economics : Blasts in Delhi

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Another blast rocked Delhi. Well, don’t be surprised by that, I guess Indians need to acclimate themselves with these seasonal blasts. I believe there will be occassional blasts in different parts of India for next three to four years. Are you afraid of that? Learn to live with this new phenomenon and hope that none of your friends and relatives are lost.

There are some factors other than the religion also need to be considered in this context.
The high growth in last ten years has brought a couple of things that are related to this blasts. First, it has created a sense of deprivation among a set of people. On the other hand, it has made a lot of people losing their high/equal status with their counterparts. For example, people who were in traditional business do feel deprived when they compare themselves with the common employees of knowledge industry. I feel the entire gang of people involved in the blasts are from this ‘deprived’ set. I can see most of these people are actually from traditional ‘well-to-do’ families.

The fact is, the partity is not going to be restored in near future. They have to live with that. A few blasts won’t be able to change anything in India. The miscreants are hoping for a split in the line of religion. They expect BJP to come to power and adopt some hard-line strategies which can widen the gap. However, I felt that Indians are not going to get to that trap. Indians have learnt to stay away from the politics and concentrate on the economy. That is why, the economic policies of Congress and BJP are basically the same. Hence, the saviour may once more be the economy that offers so many options that people may not even look back at a few blasts. They would rather restore normalcy and resume their run behind the money. And the game will continue, nothing will change.

On the other hand, none of the real culprits will get arrested soon. I feel they may even go into a voluntary moratorium on these blasts and even then Police won’t be able to find them. The international terror network is so strong in these days that Indian Intelligence is bound to fail with their tiny muscle power. However, they have improved upon one major area. They have stopped blaming Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh. They are now at least have accepted that these are carried out solely by Indians with or without having any major helps from the other side of the border.

While talking about religion, I would also like to point out an important series of events going on thoughout the country. The attacks on the Churches and missionaries have culminated this year. So, ten years later, if another series of blasts take place, won’t we be looking at a larger set of people to pick the culprits from? Think about it.

What happens if a series of bomb blasts in Kolkata during Puja? Bombs of low intensity would be good enough to cause a significant damage. And there will be a series of reports coming up on the TV channels, a few dull statements and blame game from Ministers, messages to keep harmony, release of drawn pictures of the suspects and … it’ll go on. A repeat is expected. But Kolkata may have been spared till date since it is not doing much in terms of economy. So the mentioned ‘sense of deprivation’ is absent in Kolkata (or it’s among all sections). There is an advantage to being backward. Kolkata probably can rest on that, for now.


Written by Diganta

September 16, 2008 at 7:14 pm

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  1. Very rightly said although you seem to be a bit hawkish when it comes to Kolkata…. I have added you to my blogroll…. Check out my recent blog…. It is quite similar to this one


    September 16, 2008 at 8:00 pm

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