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Death by Religion

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We have heard of many dictators and their notorious deeds. We did hear about a lot of aggressive ideologies and the disasters they brought in human life. However, we do escape one major reason of conflict in human history – the religion.

If we look at the current world, we can start counting the deaths around ourselves. Let me start with India, my own country. The string of incidents making news headlines for last few months is the burning of Churches across the India. It was obviously accompanied with violence against women and brutal murders. The funny excuse was that of conversion, which never really happened forcibly. I rule out forcible conversions since the Christians are neither in majority, nor in power.

It is alleged that they use their financial strength to convert the adivasis of India. That’s actually more funny excuse. Who doesn’t use money to spread influence? It’s from individual to an election candidate in democracy, from a dictator to a democratic nation – everybody uses their money-power to spread influence. Rather than looking at the centuries of social injustice the Adivasis had faced, these people promote violence to deprive them from the last ray of hope. There is a strong statistical correlation in Indian Adivasi dominated areas between the percentage of people adopting Christianity and the literacy rates. If adopting another religion brings literacy, prosperity in India – why should these so-called Nationalists are against it?

If these excuses seem funny, then more funny facts await you. The mass-murderers called Indian Mujaheeden (or Mujaheden) are caught with prompt action. This contradicts my previous post, where I bashed Indian Police Forces, but this time they acted promptly. However, the same was not true about those who burnt Churches and Missionaries in Orissa and Karnataka. The Govt is still “debating” whether to ban the Bajrang Dal for this violence.

Talking about IM (Indian Mujaheden), one of the alleged leaders of the team was indeed an young educated Indian Muslim (as predicted in my previous post) and was illuded by some divine feelings on his visit to Mecca. “We are not bothered about what happens in this life” – he said to The Times of India, and we know what kind of life is waiting for him as per religious books. The virgins will soon fight for him as he is going to be one of the “Chosen ones” by the God. Unfortunately or fortunately, he won’t be able to share his post-death experience with us.

In a more serious affair, I came across incidents of riots in Eastern states of Assam between some Muslim settlers and ethnic Bodos. Bodos are fighting for their independent state for long and only God knows why it is not given. The outcome of this conflict (with bow and arrow) was casualties and displacements on both sides. This will lead to strength of terrorist outfits of Bodos and Muslims. And, forgot to add, religion is the unique line of difference between them that never will be wiped off. So, both parties have to literally – “sleep with their enemies”.

After the Indian comedy, let me turn onto Pakistan. Pakistan has been on the top of the hit list of the religious groups. Statistically, in the year 2008, Pakistan had more terrorist casualty than that of Iraq. I have seen Pakistanis blaming the Americans for the debacle. However, the people who bomb them are essentially either Pakistanis or Talibans whom their people actively supported for years. And what they were doing when these people were indoctrinated for hate? World has come to a full-cycle in Pakistan. The same people, who were indoctrinated years ago to hate others, are coming back against them since they no longer can support them.

The hate cycle reminds me of a snake in Puran. It ate everything it got around, and ultimately start eating itself from the tail. The religion first eats non-religious, then the other religions, then starts eating the self. Pakistan has already arrived at the last stage. India is still at the second one … but how long?


Written by Diganta

October 9, 2008 at 1:44 am

3 Responses

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  2. Quite good correlation and invesigation as per the benefits provided by Christians and the futile agitations of hindu parties. But as far as question of violence comes I believe its ingrained in human soul, struggle innate to nature. More of it here:

    Sher Khan


    October 13, 2008 at 6:11 pm

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