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Proofs on Mumbai Attack

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A few moments back I read the report by The Observer about Ajmal Kasav and his village, Faridkot in Punjab (Pakistan). The reporters went to the village and a few locals accepted that they know the person whose face and photograph has been shown on Indian TV channels. The villager also added :

“They brainwash our youth about jihad, there are people who do it in this village. They tell them they’ll get a ticket to heaven. It is so wrong,”

Reporters from another news agency got hold of his parents’ voter registration in the local electoral listing. The BBC Urdu report (original report) shows :

In the report broadcast on its Urdu service, the BBC quoted the people of this village as saying that some security officials had come and taken away Ajmal’s family.

The BBC report also quoted the residents as saying that for the last one week activities of government security officials have increased significantly in their village.

After a lot of lapses, Indian Government is taking the right step to provide the DNA of Kasav to the International Investigation Agencies. If that is matched with his parents, at least to the Scientists, this should seal the scope of further inquiry for evidences.

I don’t think there are more proof required to establish arguments against Pakistan. The amount of proof required, is always dependent on the stake of the event and the level of mutual trust. In case of a friend, a word of mouth is sufficient to lend him a few dollars. It’s not the same if the amount is large enough. However, in case of a Bank, every penny of transation is documented. Pakistan can refute all the proofs that India provides. But, at the same time, they should lay a list of items those they will accept as proof.

However, the extent to which Pakistan could act, is limited. I am eagerly waiting for the outcome of the event. Despite having importance in a lot of contemporary conspiracy theories, the war, at the end of the day, is not going to take place. Given that, how much does Pakistan concedes, will be an important milestone of the future of the region.

To end with, I would like to place a youtube video of Pervez Hoodbhoy talking about Pakistani terrorist activities. (Towards the end it becomes a propaganda though. Hopefully I’ll get a better video at youtube soon.)

Also the Times Now report on Kasav’s origin.

Added : New investigation reports from The Dawn (Pakistan), Antara (Indonesia) and McClatchy (UK).


Written by Diganta

December 7, 2008 at 10:48 am

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  1. Indian politicians who have hogged all the NSG commando cover are on the defensive. With election less than year away, they are trying to fight terrorism in media instead of where it should be fought, in Pakistan’s LET infested regions.

    We get the government we deserve.

    One good thing is happening already at Gateway of India after the terrorist attacks at the Taj Hotel in Mumbai. The Pigeons are returning.


    December 7, 2008 at 3:54 pm

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