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Karkare, Antulay and Politics

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I am not at all surprised by the fact that Union Minister (Also ex-Chief Minister of Maharashtra) A R Antulay has raised some questions against the death of Hemant Karkare during terrorist attack in Mumbai on 26/11. It’s because he needs some votes from a section of people who ‘believes’ that Mr. Karkare was killed due to his involvement in the Malegaon blast case. In a country where media calls for trial even before any investigations have started or that lacks transparency all over the process of investigation, this is always expected. People will believe what they like to believe in an absence of “concrete” evidences as they don’t trust their State.

What Antulay has pointed out is actually quite different from what Pakistan media has been saying for a while. Antulay pointed out that the murder of Karkare does not fit into the story or the purpose of the attackers. So, somebody (aparently someone related to Malegaon case accused) has taken this oppourtunity to kill him while the terrorists indeed were terrorised the city. He did not deny that the attackers came from Pakistan. Neither did he pointed that the “whole incident” as an “inside job”, but he claims the killing of Mr Karkare was forcibly fitted into the same pattern.

Let me move over to the comments made by Antulay as we can get in media reports.

“Now how come instead of going to the Taj (Hotel) or the Oberoi (Hotel) he went to such a place where there was nothing?”

– Everyone knows it’s factually a wrong statement. I was following the incident very closely and I hope that Mr Karkare was also doing the same. We heard that Taj and Oberoi are taken over by the terrorists and a couple of them has moved to the Cama Hospital after a carnage at Mumbai V.T. Station. As per the reports at that time, the terrorists were at the Cama Hospital and they already had killed more than 50 people. As per wiki listings, 80-90 people had been killed by these two terrorists. How could Mr Antulay say that there were nothing outside Taj and Oberoi? Isn’t it an insult to the victims at Mumbai VT and the brave jounalists who captured video of terrorists spraying bullet over people. Also, the lone survived terrorist, whose links have been proven to Faridkot in Pakistan, was captured outside of Taj and Oberoi. Did Mr Antulay forget these or he tried delibarately to keep these facts out of his mind?

“Any person going to the roots of terror has always been the target”

Is a generic statement which should not mean that he could not be a target for any other case that the Malegaon one. He handled a lot of cases and a lot of culprits could have targetted him the same way.

“Superficially speaking they (terrorists) had no reason to kill Karkare.”

As I said earlier, the profile of Mr Karkare doesn’t support his claims. Mr Karkare has worked for RAW (in Pakistan also?) and also a member of the team that negotiated with Hijackers in Kandahar. He has a case profile that goes beyond the Malegaon blast probe. The Times of India also notes (link 3 below) in this regard –

Karkare and his team had to face an equally vicious campaign for chargesheeting eight Muslims for the 2006 attack on the Barelvi mosque in Mahrashtra’s powerloom town.

So, it’s only a simplification of matters to suit one’s purpose.

“It may be a separate inquiry how his (Karkare’s) end came”

I would never oppose that. But the belief that is preset, will take time to fade. I would doubt how many of them, who are already seeing a conspiracy in Karkare’s death, would like to believe the outcome of this inquiry if it ascertains that Ismail, accompanied by Ajmal Kasav, killed Mr Karkare. A statement and identification by Kasav and a few watchers (like Constable Arun Jadhav) won’t work, because those can also be fabricated. A lot of people still believes that 9/11 was an inside job because they don’t get access to the proofs those the FBI has presented over the internet. The gap between knowledge-rich and knowledge-poor will increase for the time being. We can’t do much except to wait and watch. For the time being, we should only hope that the blast probe should finish quickly to prove we had only one Hemant Karkare. The entire Police force and the ATS were behind him, and that made him do a good job.

The Times of India report refuting Antulay’s claims

The Timeline of Karkare’s death

Indian Mujaheedin’s warning against Karkare

About Antulay’s relation with Shivsena


Written by Diganta

December 17, 2008 at 9:19 pm

14 Responses

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  1. I donot understand what you gai? what mr. Antuley gains?what Packistan gains?some of the public mood is antimuslim, Antuley is as I think a muslim, he is to be carefull n behave as intellegent slave and sevent as he is holding a resposible post.


    December 18, 2008 at 3:01 pm

  2. Mr Antulay may gain a significant vote share. That’s his view.

    some of the public mood is antimuslim – I don’t think so, it’s anti-pakistan. It’s not because some Pakistanis did this, but it’s because the state of Pakistan is not taking any action against them.


    December 19, 2008 at 2:11 am

  3. Nice blog, wonder why i had missed it before 🙂

    Its true that a lot of people believe in conspiracy theories rather than plain facts because they are unwilling to accept the reality (the shock quotent or fear of the repurcussions that might follow).
    During the Mumbai terror attack, i had been following the news on TV and the Internet continuosly and minutely. i saw on TV, Hemant Karkare arrive, put on vest and helmet and after not even an hour comes the news of his death, as well as the death of Vijay Salaskar and DCP Kamte. It was perhaps the most shocking thing i had heard lately, three top cops gunned down, while on their way. i mean these were terrorists not assassins, they were supposed to be gunning down people indiscriminately, to kill the head of a force, a famous encounter specialist and a DCP it has to be premediated and planned and sangh militant outfits seemed the most likliest groups. So my initial reaction was one of doubt and disbelief but later on as the hostage-drama unfolded, there was no doubt on my mind that these terrorists had had to be trained in high-tech and sophisticated facilities which ruled out the saffron angle completely. After a long time, Muslims had found a cop who dared to go against the Sangh Parivar and expose the militant amongst them, so a lot of them refuse to accept the official line and Antulay is echoing them as well as strengthening his vote-bank.
    What Mr.Antulay should remember is that if he accuses another group for these killings, it indicates that this group would have prior knowledge of the attack and as such the attackers would also be members of the same group. This would be playing into Paki media’s hand, which has all along been trying to discredit India’s case. There may be other angles to it but the priority at the moment would be to get Pak to take action.


    December 19, 2008 at 2:08 pm

  4. Dear Countryman,
    I am surprised we are discussing fate of Kasab.

    A dead man needs no gallows or bullets or dismember his parts.

    There is no photo or interview of his being live,

    I am suprised how a billion people can be fooled in India, How our impotent leaders are misleading the nation last 20 days and trying to wash their hands from their failure to save the nation from the terrorists and aftermath of it

    Through Media govt is feeding us false stories

    He wrote a letter to this mother !!!
    he has asked for legal assistance from Pakistan!!!

    he should be tried .. should be provide him lawer !!!

    GEO televsion did sting operation that he is Pakistani!!!
    His father says he is is my son!!!!

    Last 20 days fooling the world but Indian govt could not give
    one interview of Kasab That he is PAKISTANI !!!

    and our UPA govt doing nothing than fooling the nation
    that KASAB is ALIVE? Show a minute interview of him??

    We are fooled to vote for these impotent corrupt politicians, and we can do nothing than
    light candles, involve in this discussion and wait for next attack.


    December 20, 2008 at 10:44 am

  5. I was aghast with anger when during the terror attack itself one of the news channels tried to link Karkare killing with Malegaon investigations. No one in sane mind will think in that way. While it is surely foolish for someone in the rank of Late Mr. Karkare to go the forefront of the terror attacks instead of strategising the ATS moves one has to also know that he was most likely doing that by underestimating the arms and ammunition carried by the terrorists.

    It is wrong to link his killing to some internal conspiracy. Such theories are more for vote catching and nothing else.

    It would be interesting to see what is written in this link:

    I also watched that particular interview aired by Aaj Tak and the interviewee was trying to say that there was involvement of Indian politicians. This guy, Sajan Kapur, was presenting himself as one of the hostages at Taj who rescued himself and also said he was with the terrorists themselves (God knows how the terrorists who killed many that came in their vicinity didn’t kill him) and the terrorists while speaking on the phone to Karachi were heard asking “Indian Netavon ke paas itne paise hai kya?”

    Right at the moment when this purported hostage Sajan Kapur told the TV anchor that he just walked out of the hotel “aram se” the TV anchor got suspicious and asked their media person outside Taj if someone can walk out of Taj just like that. The media person said it was next to impossible to come out of Taj just like that and the Taj was fully surrounded by Army, Police and Security Guards.

    This shows what kind hype and wrong communication can be propagated by the media, which wants to communicate not the news but the news that there were the first to report something.


    December 20, 2008 at 11:20 am

  6. “Indian Netavon ke paas itne paise hai kya?”
    – This is probably for how much ransom to ask for.


    December 20, 2008 at 7:30 pm

  7. But who and where is this Sajan Kapur? Why is all media blacking him out? It is not difficult to catch hold of a person who has appeared on TV and has spoken for almost 15 minutes.

    Why none of the media has shown any interest in this guy? If the whole episode was made up then at least Aaj Tak should come out in the open and tender an apology. Isn’t it?


    December 21, 2008 at 5:37 am

  8. Why none of the media has shown any interest in this guy?

    – If I were in media then I also would probably not have shown interest on him. I saw his claims, but he doesn’t have inputs more than those comments from terrorists. Is he worth chasing?

    If the whole episode was made up then at least Aaj Tak should come out in the open and tender an apology.

    – Come on man!! I have seen so many “made up” stories like this in Aaj Tak so far.


    December 21, 2008 at 11:15 pm

  9. when 9/11 happened two persons came to pentagone and handed over the CD of the whoe episode no trace of those so far. as well pak is concerned it is not going to succumb. america and west dedicated to ther interest only they may not care for India. they want our pressure to pak to demolished their outfits. everyday misile attack is in process why they are asking us to take action, they failed for seven years. our progress’ll be marred up it is the real game pak will not allow afghanistan to be surrendered in the hand of western or americn power, it is very clear.


    December 22, 2008 at 12:53 pm

  10. pak will not allow afghanistan to be surrendered in the hand of western or americn power

    – Rather pak will give it to Talibans.


    December 22, 2008 at 7:52 pm

  11. Who is this Sajan Kapur? Were gunmen paid to create Mumbai terror?

    As the debris of the 60 hour long Mumbai nightmare is cleared and the dead are laid to rest and medical fraternity try to save as much of the injured as they can, it is time for questions to be raised. Many have already been raised and more will continue to be raised from all over the world in the coming days, by experts and those on the ground. One is therefore refraining from raising any at this point of time.

    But as an informed and interested viewer of the 60 hour drama being played out in front of our eyes, one has been rather hugely intrigued by something one watched in the afternoon of Friday, when the siege was already 41 hours old.

    Switching channels furiously to catch something unusual which can give a new perspective to the happenings in Mumbai, one stopped at Aaj Tak, to find a Virendra Sehwag look-alike, with the shaven head and all, being questioned breathlessly by the unseen anchor. The caption read— Sajan Kapur (or Kapoor) — Taj se chudaye gaye bandhak (hostage released from Taj).

    What Kapur, presumably a Punjabi going by the name, but with a rather heavy malayali accent in his Hindi, was revealing was sensational. His story went something like this—

    On the night of Nov.26, soon after the gunmen were found firing indiscriminately in several places in Mumbai, and the Taj Hotel siege began, he got a call from the Mumbai Police’s ace “encounter specialist”, Vijay Salaskar. The cop told Kapur about the firing happening in Taj and instructed him to reach the hotel. His brief was to go in and merge in the crowd and find out what is happening exactly and to report to him (Salaskar). Though this was left unsaid, obviously Kapur was an “informer” of Salaskar who has been used before also for such assignments.

    Kapur promptly landed up in Taj and walked in and found himself taken hostage by the gunmen. He along with two others, foreigners, were taken to Room No.630 on the sixth floor and held hostage for several hours. It was not clear for how many hours. But during these hours, what Sajan Kapur saw and heard is nothing short of sensational.

    According to Kapur, this room was the operation base of the gunmen/terrorists. He saw so much arms and ammunition there, he was left wonderstruck how they managed to gather all that in a five star hotel room. Now it becomes more interesting. Unlike what we were being regularly fed by the numerous reporters of various TV channels who in turn were feeding from NSG and other security sources, there were not just four or five terrorists in the Taj Hotel. Kapur said with a straight face without any hint of confusion or doubt, that he had seen 17 terrorists! And according to him, they were coming in and going out of room no.630, conducting operations and very interestingly communicating with someone from Karachi. Kapur insists he was a witness to some of these gunmen, who had mobile phones and satellite phones too, were getting calls from Karachi, and were being told what to do, and also about what the security forces were planning and doing outside the hotel. Obviously they were monitoring the Indian news channels.

    But what is most interesting about Kapur’s story as he narrated on Aaj Tak, was about the conversation he heard among some of the young gunmen. It went something like this—

    “Yaar in India ke neta ke pass kitna paisa hain”( hey, how much money these Indian politicians have?), asked one of the young gunmen to the other. The other replied (all in front of Kapur) — “tere ko kya lene ka—tumhe mil gaya na paisa”( hey, why are you bothered about it, you got your money no).

    In fact the excited anchor asks repeatedly if the terrorists were talking of money, and if he felt they were paid for the job. Kapur reiterates and even goes on to say, that there was even a scuffle or verbal fight between the terrorists on the question of money. He also talks about the leader of the gang having been killed in the second or third floor, which also lead to some “fight” between the other gunmen.

    Now coming to the intriguing part. Normally an eye witness like this would have been grabbed by all the TV channels. But somehow only Aaj Tak managed to get him and even kept him in their Mumbai studios for a couple of hours almost, during which they kept coming back to him, and he went on giving more and more interesting details. One however missed his take on how he escaped from the clutches of his captors.

    However, what is most intriguing is that Sajan Kapur has disappeared after that appearance on Aaj Tak. Not a single newspaper one has seen so far( more than half a dozen) has a word about this most interesting “hostage” who had escaped, leave alone what he claimed on TV channel, that he had seen and heard.

    ON the Aaj Tak web site, the clipping of his interview is still available, but not all that he said. Though his claim of the gunmen talking of money and Indian politicians is very much available. Those interested can even watch it by clicking on this link .

    Now some questions which invariably crops up and begs for an answer. Who is this Sajan Kapur? Why has no newspaper or other news channels not been able to get him or if they have, not published or telecast what he claims? Are there more to this entire dastardly terror acts than what is generally believed to be at this point of time—- the Lashkar connection and all that?

    Dharmendra Sethi

    December 25, 2008 at 7:54 am

  12. In case the aajtak link does not work tryFollowing link, it shows some parts of the intereview of sajan kapoor on aajtak channel.

    Dharmendra Sethi

    December 25, 2008 at 8:03 am

  13. Above information is copied from various sites and for information purpose only.

    Dharmendra Sethi

    December 25, 2008 at 8:05 am

  14. Why has no newspaper or other news channels not been able to get him or if they have, not published or telecast what he claims?

    – Is Aajkal not a News media …?? BTW, his claims are too imaginary to be published.


    December 25, 2008 at 9:33 pm

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