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Kashmir & India – A new window of thought

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A few interesting Indian News media reporting on Kashmir. I think, people are starting to understand that Indian people are actually in favor of Kashmir to be separate from India. At least, the Kashmir valley should be put to a question whether they want to join India or Pakistan. I don’t personally support the Independence option since that will create more chaos and all powers will start their covert operations to install a puppet government in Kashmir.

Kashmiri Pandits will definitely be a looser out of this resolution, but we can afford them in Jammu or exchange population of Jammu with Valley.

The other part is that the development of Jammu and Ladakh are badly tied to Kashmir issue. We can’t afford to mistreat those people who want to join India. Also, we can’t really want them to go the same way Kashmir valley goes.

The strategic importance of Kashmir valley is also hyped. The valley doesn’t affect Indus river treaty. One perceived problem of Kashmir is that it would actually turn into hotbed of anti-India activities. However, all of the Pakistan has turned into the same for long. There won’t be any decrease of terrorism in India due to this. So, why should we care for it? We don’t lose anything out of this.If India wants to be a Super power, it should first fix problems at home. Also, I, as a tax-payer, don’t want to pay for all those military installation in Kashmir. It also is not a justice to the Kashmiris who are fighting non-violent war against India for last few years.

Another perceived problem is that many states will want to go out of India because of this. However, they are not backed by UN Resolutions. Also, only a fraction of Indian population are interested to get separated. If we put together the whole of separatist population in North-East, it won’t get more than 2% of Indian people. Given the multi-lingual, multi-ethnic structure of India, it is actually expected that some Indians will indeed want to get separate. French speaking Quebec has similar issue with Canada. It should be noted that Canada is indeed much more democratic than what India is. East Timor did not cause a collapse in multi-ethnic secular Indonesia.

I have earlier suggested that we should try not to change borders too often so that the minorities do not suffer. However, under the current circumstances, I understand that India-Pakistan peace is not possible at least in next 50 years. So, an idea of a soft border is not going to get implemented till then. I still stick to a soft border option as first priority, but if the option is out of hand, we should concentrate on the second. we need to solve this for Indian interest.

Here I have a CNN-IBN debate on Indian media view on Kashmir. I also referred to a couple of editorials in Indian major newspapers supporting Kashmiri freedom.

Kashmir – Swaminathan Aiyar

Kashmir – Vir Sanghvi

A documentary by Pervez Hoodbhoy on Kashmir


Written by Diganta

December 26, 2008 at 6:09 am

2 Responses

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  1. When I was introduced to the Kashmir issue in middle school, a new word I learned was PLEBISCITE. Once I understood what the word meant I couldn’t then understand what the big deal was. Wasn’t that the obvious solution? I was naive to think then the people of Kashmir will dramatically vote to be with India. Now, I am able to see the gravity of the issue. Still, it seems like the only good solution- whichever way the vote goes.


    December 27, 2008 at 12:00 am

  2. Plebiscite is not that easy option. It ties the fate of a Jammu dogri to a Valley Kashmiri and a Ladakhi monk. This is not fair. Only regional plebiscites can be accepted.

    Also, as per UN Resolution, Pakistan needs to withdraw before India organizes Plebiscite. That is also not going to happen soon.


    December 27, 2008 at 6:14 am

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